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The Fish Finder Store carries all the best brands of fish finders. We have a killer selection of fish finders from Eagle, Humminbird, Lowrance, Garmin and many more. If you're looking for a fish finder, you've come to the right place.

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fish finders
fish finders
fish finders

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Lowrance Fish Finders

Using sonar can help anyone from the weekend angler to the tournament pro be a more effective fisherman. Being a more effective fisherman means spending more time catching fish instead of trying to find them. Besides, fishing is a lot more fun when you're catching fish.

Want to catch more fish? Let us help!

It doesn't matter if you're fishing saltwater or fresh water, if you're a serious angler or just learning to fish, every fisherman in the world has 2 problems.

  1. finding fish
  2. getting the fish to bite

We're here to help you with #1. A fish finder can'cgi-bin/mivavm?Merchant2/merchant.mvc+Screen=SFNT">clicking here.

If you'links/index.html">Fishing Links Directory. We have links to hundreds of resources to help you with your ultimate goal - catching more fish.

What can you use sonar for?

Sonar was developed as a means of tracking enemy submarines during World War II, but that's not all you can use it for.

  • Locate where schools of fish are hiding around a structure and their depths.
  • Locating shipwrecks, reefs, pinnacles, sunken trees and other objects between the hull of the vessel and the bottom.
  • Determine bottom contours and composition to recognize soft mud, gravel, sand and rock.
  • Determine the water depth and locating hazards for navigation purposes.
  • Determine the location of areas where the temperature of the water changes dramatically.
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